Coconut Apricot Fig Bliss Bites {No Bake}

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Coconut Apricot Fig Bliss Bites {No Bake} No Bake Coconut Apricot Fig Bliss Bites are the perfect superfood energy bites! No sugar added; just figs, coconut, apricots, nuts, pure dark chocolate, and a touch of sea salt. A quick wholesome snack recipe to fuel your day!! Paleo, Vegan, and Whole 30 friendly. Coconut Apricot Fig Bliss Bites! Another no bake energy bites recipe that makes my life blissfully happy! Okay, show of hands. Who could use some bliss in their life right now? Anyone? Bueller? If you are younger than 30 just ignore the Bueller comment. Ha ha! In all seriousness, I am raisin... See more on

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