Milanesa a Caballo (Argentinian Milanesa on Horseback)

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Milanesa a Caballo (Argentinian Milanesa on Horseback) Recipe for Milanesa a Caballo- Argentinian Milanesa (thinly pounded, breaded, and fried beef) topped with two fried eggs and served with fries. It is time again for the #EattheWorld Recipe Challenge created by Evelyne of Culture Eatz! Each month we are assigned a different country (check out some of my previous posts for Ireland, Kenya, and Sweden) as inspiration and post on the 10th. This month, we are celebrating Argentina and I made Milanesa a Caballo for the event. Milanesa a Caballo (Argentinian Milanesa on Horseback) Introduced to... See more on

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